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Primus No.1 stove 1935.   Tilley Stormlantern 1953

Base Camp
is a specialist Equipment Supplier based in Littlehampton, Southern England. We are stockists of spares for Aladdin, Tilley, Coleman, Bialaddin, Vapalux, Magnalux, Petromax, Hipolito & Optimus Paraffin, (Kerosene), lanterns. All available Optimus, Primus, Svea, Monitor, Parasene, Coleman and Radius stove spares are also kept in stock.
A new and fast growing section is wicks for Aladdin, Valor, Kerosun and other domestic heaters plus replacement chimneys, wicks and burners for oil lamps
When available we stock new Paraffin, (Kerosene), lamps from Aladdin, DHR, Gaudard, Tilley, Vapalux and Petromax, stoves from Manaslu, Optimus, Primus, Trangia and heaters from POD.

Our Obsolete Parts Register keeps details of enthusiasts and collectors requests which we match up with obsolete parts during our International searches for caches of lantern and stove spares. If you have or know of similar stores of parts near you let us know, we have enthusiasts waiting!

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'Servicing and repairing Paraffin Pressure Lamps',
by Rob Earl, (The 'Lampies' Bible!')
'Servicing and repairing Paraffin Pressure Lamps'
Broken mantle, glass or oil lamp chimney? Assorted mantles, glass & chimneys
Wick Stoves, lanterns and heaters
A section for the 'wikkies', Aladdin, Valor, Eltex & POD parts plus our full list of wicks for heaters and oil lamps, spare parts such as Kosmos and 'Ideal' burners, smoke bells and shade carriers. Wick stove, heater & lantern index
Aladdin Incandescent mantle wick lamps:- Aladdin price list
Wick oil lamps for the home and boats New oil lamps
Pressure Stoves
The paraffin pressure stove:- A brief history
The paraffin pressure stove:- How does it work?
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Large classic stoves Base Camp stoves
Optimus & Classic Primus parts and prices:- Optimus Price List
Optimus exploded views:-  
  Optimus 8r Hunter
Check this page if you need parts for any make of 1 pint stoves Optimus 00 Camper
Check this page if you need parts for any make of 2 pint stoves Optimus #1 & #5 & Primus #1& #5
  Optimus 96 Mini Camper & Primus #96
  Optimus 111 Hiker
  Optimus 111c Hiker
  Optimus 11 Explorer
  Optimus 123R Climber & Svea 123R
Marine stoves Optimus 55/155 Stove also burner parts for Taylors, Shipmate, Mariner, Turm, Patria etc.
Replacement burners for traditional pressure stoves Burners
Primus Himalaya Range & Primus Leisure LPG spares Himalaya stoves , Himalaya spares & Primus Leisure LPG
Sigg Firejet Firejet spares
The famous Trangia Spirit Stove Trangia & Trangia Spares
Parts for other stoves :- Spares for Monitor & others
Pump leathers for all kinds of things..! Assorted leather cup washers
Stove tools and accessories Tools
What fuel do I use?, check if your stove is here:- Paraffin stove & lantern reference numbers
Let us hunt for that old stove part!:- Obsolete parts register
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