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171 Glass for fuel gauge, Radius 3.50
172 Gasket for fuel gauge glass, Radius 1.75
  Red, pump to tank washer, Burmos & S.H.S. (Thermidor) 4906 pattern military stoves   .60
  Air release screw washer, Burmos & S.H.S. (Thermidor) 4906 pattern military stoves   .20
2pt. Monitor Stove    
  Original Monitor full spares kit, 2 x jet, 4 x pricker, 1 x pump washer, 3 x burner, 3 x lid washers and jointed nipple key, suit 2 pint stoves. 5.50
  Monitor tank lid packing .50
4759  Monitor Leather pump washer 1.50
  Monitor jointed nipple key, similar to Optimus 2560 2.00
  Monitor pump key 5.00
  Removable pan support legs, set of three 5 1/4" to top of tank spigot, Monitor Military silent and roarer stoves   6.00



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