Pod 8K Paraffin Heater
No longer available, spares listed below:-

Picture POD 8K/SEL

POD spares still available

81101 POD 8k metal drip tray 350 x 350 fits under heater to prevent spills soaking into carpets and creating a fire hazard, will also suit other heaters. 30.95
81095XT POD 60 line Extra Quality stiffened wick complete with carrier for 8K,8K/SEL 22.95
62005 POD 30 line wick complete with carrier, for older 2,2K,5K,7K,61.62,62K & TOP  12.95
80093 Flame spreader for POD 8k heater 15.50
80082 Mica window for POD heater NEW lower price! 5.95
60006 Burner gasket for POD heater 62K 4.00
80098 Burner gasket for POD heater 8K 3.95

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