Last ordering & posting dates, Christmas 2018.

Please note, the dates below are the last possible ordering and posting days to arrive before Christmas.
Other than First Class post & Special Delivery, all orders received after 15th December will not be dispatched until after Christmas to avoid loss or damage whilst held in the postal system during the holiday shutdown.

Country Last Order date Last posting date

Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Far East, Japan

6th December 10th December
Africa, Central & S. America, Middle East 2nd December 7th December
Canada, Poland, USA 9th December 14th December
France, Western Europe 12th December 17th December
UK, first class mail 17th December 20th December
UK, Parcels 48hr 18th December 20th December
UK, Special delivery, Parcels 24hr 20th December 22nd December

Our opening hours over the holiday period.

We will be closed on the following dates, please note e-mails and faxes sent whilst we are closed will not be answered until we return. There will be a high volume of inquiries over the holiday period, please be patient and give us ample time to reply.
Multiple e-mails, phone calls and faxes will only clog up the system even more..!

Date Office open Office closed
Friday 21st December 11.30am 6.00pm
Saturday 22nd December Closed
Sunday 23rd December Closed
Monday 24th December 11.30am 4.00pm
 Tuesday 25th December Closed
Wednesday 26th December Closed
Thursday 27th December 11.30am 6.00pm
Friday 28th December 11.30am 6.00pm
Saturday 29th December Closed
Sunday 30th December Closed
Monday 31st December Closed
Tuesday 1st January Closed
Wednesday 2nd January 11.30am 6.00pm
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