Picture, Primus no.1stove,1935 Base Camp
the Stove, 
Lamp Specialists.
Picture, Tilley Guardsman
Primus No.1 stove 1935. Tilley Stormlantern 1953

e-mail problems 02/17....

On Friday 27th January our e-mail transferred to a new server, this has caused some problems and certain customers may have mail returned un-sent.
Make sure your mail is being sent to spares@base-camp.co.uk , it is best not to use a historic link in your e-mail box or one from your address book as these may not point to the correct server.
We are working on the problem but it is proving to be testing to say the least! 
If you are unable to e-mail please telephone 01903-723853 between midday and 6pm Mon - Frid and we can take your enquiry or order by telephone.

Thank you......

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