'Paraffin Extra'
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Paraffin extra       
NEWS NEWS.... Paraffin Extra is currently not available, we are monitoring the situation.
As an alternative we have been testing Aztec Premium C1 paraffin in various appliances. We have found that it will burn satisfactorily in all 'Blue Flame' heaters, (Aladdin, late Valor, etc), and all pressure lamps. There is a slight odour but not objectionable with small yellow flame appliances, (Valor 56, 106, Rippingilles, Beatrice, greenhouse heaters), but it is less satisfactory in large appliances such as the Valor 500 and 625.
For oil lamps we would currently recommend lamp oil until 'Extra' is available again soon.

We can therfore offer Aztec Premium to our customers for the time being but will revert to 'Extra' asap.
AZTEC PREMIUM C1 pack of 4 x 4lt prepacked in a cardboard box 39.95 plus 2.95 shipping in British mainland, delivered to your door.
Over the counter price at our warehouse, 10.00 each 4 litre container.

We are proud to recommend and offer this top quality domestic fuel to our customers.
Paraffin Extra is a specially modified ROLF Paraffin that improves burning characteristics with virtually no odour or taint. With a typical Sulphur content below five parts per million and extremely low aromatic content. Paraffin Extra is user friendly and sympathetic to the environment.

High Flashpoint of over 62'c - safe to store and use.

For use in any paraffin heater or lamp application as a direct replacement for normal paraffin.

Supplied as a pack of four x 4 Litre bottles pre-packed in a cardboard box.

New Lower Price! 43.00 plus 2.95 shipping in British mainland
Unfortunately there is an increased charge for the Scottish Highlands, please ask for a quotation

Sorry our carrier is unable to deliver off the mainland.

New Lower Price! Over the counter price 10.75 each 4 litre container.


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