Ruby KSP270 Paraffin Heater.

Corona RX23

Now available, a quality domestic paraffin, (kerosene) heater from Ruby of Korea. Ideal for offices, conservatories and 'dens' where central heating is unavailable or not always needed.

Do not confuse this model with the untested, unapproved models advertised elsewhere.
Easily operated, tested and meeting strict CE and BS safety standards this heater gives an output of up to 2.7Kw for 14 hours on one fill of our clean Paraffin Extra. Ideal for rooms of a minimum 43mtr
3 up to maximum 92mtr3 with ventilation
This heater can be used in any suitable room without the need for electricity an lighting is simple with the battery operated auto-ignition. 
Replacement wicks and ignitors are kept in stock. 

Safety features include an attached metal anti-drip tray which improves stability, 'cool top' casing, air sensor and an automatic extinguisher should the heater be knocked whilst alight. The special flue is safely protected by mesh and the design reduces the temperature of the heater casing.
The 3.8 litre fuel container is removable so can be safely and easily filled outside to prevent spills and smells.
Dimensions 49.5cm high x 45cm wide x 30cm deep, weight, empty 10kg

plus 16.00 shipping on the UK mainland

KSP270 Ruby domestic heater with drip tray and automatic extinguisher  
Petrowick100 'Petrowick' for Ruby KSP270 & KSP240 18.95
Petrowick2000 'Petrowick' for previous model Corona RX23UK, RX23, RX27, Scott Rolf 23 & 27 22.50
560162 Ignitor for Corona 2000 Series heaters, will also fit other, similar heaters 10.00

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