Customer notice:-

We are experiencing long delays in supply of new burners from the manufacturer. We do not expect any more stock until after the Christmas holiday, so with shipping and customs clearance it could be the end of January before the burners are in our warehouse.  We are taking forward orders now to avoid disappointment in the Spring!

Please note we are able to undertake servicing and testing of old burners in our workshops as usual. Please telephone 01733 234333 for more details.

207b Hanse adjustable burner, supplied with #2221 packing, Temp out of stock 194.95
207bf Hanse adjustable burner, supplied with fitting kit of assorted washers and pre-heater wick. Please note some of these washers may not be suitable for your stove. Temp out of stock 199.95
H1062 Service kit, Nipple, needle, spindle, ring, box nut, all packings, priming wick, Premium quality, for one burner 49.95
H1021 Outer cap, brass, Premium quality 19.95
11 Outer cap, S.H. & S., brass 5.00
1022 Inner cap, stainless steel, Premium quality 7.50
1022B Inner cap, brass, Premium quality 7.50
2180 Inner cap, steel 4.75
2500 Balancing jet underneath burner 5.50
CTK1055 Nipple 10.95
2455 Needle with rack, old style 6 teeth, Premium quality 13.95
2457 Needle with rack, newer style 5 teeth 10.95
2193 Brass ring for spindle 3.50
2094 Graphite packing, Premium quality   4.70
2159 Brass filter for burner 5.20
2160 Brass filter for burner tubes, price each 3.95
2194 Stuffing box nut 8.75
2318 'C' Pin for outer control spindle 1.00
2125 Valve spindle, original style and new style, round ended 8.75
2192 Valve spindle, newer style, square ended, Premium quality 11.95
2216A Outer spindle with small black knob, original style, round fitting 10.00
2368 Outer spindle with large black knob, newer style 10.90
2221 Heatproof packing between burner and spirit dish 1.25
CTK1100 Spirit dish, extra large, for Taylors stoves, older Taylors heaters and Primus type stoves where extra preheating is needed 14.50
CTK1105 Heatproof packing, thicker than 2221, used in combination with 2221 on Shipmate and similar stoves to get the spindle pointing forwards. Also useful on old, hard to seal burners. 1.60
2116 Aluminium cone, burner joint packing for Optimus stoves 1.95
P4336 Flat aluminium burner joint washer for Primus stoves, Taylors, etc  1.10
CP4336 Flat copper burner joint washer, seals difficult burners,for Primus stoves, Taylors, etc  1.20
H1035 Priming wick for underneath burner, makes priming with alcohol more efficient and safer. 2.75
2115 Blanking plug to seal off pipe when burner is removed or one burner is faulty/leaking on two burner stove, (not shown)  11.95
2820 Blanking plug to seal tank after removing Q/lighter 55/155 stove 6.50
New Servicing Tools
447252 Steel Spanner for connection nut, 55/155 stove, New stock now available! 6.00
447253 Cranked steel Spanner for burner nut, 55/155 stove 8.50
961081 Professional nipple key, 55/155 stove, 18.50

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