New Lanterns & Stoves

The lamps and stoves listed here are are supplied with the accessories in the description.
Most lamps and stoves are ideal for collectors, campers and fishermen looking for a tough, reliable equipment. United Kingdom legislation means that some items are listed as 'Collectors items', this usually means the item was manufactured before current legislation came into force.
Purchasers are advised to consider these items as 'antiques' and treat them as such.

Reference Product description Price Sterling
#276 New Feurhand #276 Hurricane lamp, complete with 2 spare wicks. Click to see photograph 14.95
Aladdin #23 Aladdin table lamp with No.23 burner and 'heeless' chimney. These are brand new, unused lamps in original boxes with instructions and wick cleaner.  127.95
Aladdin #23 Aladdin table lamp with No.23 burner 'heeless' chimney. & opal white glass shade. These are brand new, unused lamps in original boxes with instructions and wick cleaner. Click to see photograph   152.50
Classic wick oil lamps A range of brass table, hanging and wall lamps to grace any home, cottage or boat, click here!  
Heinze H1E 'Loggia'oil lantern Possibly the best designed and manufactured oil lamp in the World..! Do not buy this lantern unless you require only the best...!Click to see photograph 149.95
Pressure lamps    
Vapalux M320 Brand new pressure lamps form this classic company. Click here to see these incredible, top quality lanterns.  
Petromax 829 Brand new 500cp pressure 'Collectors lamp' from the Petromax factory, the original design that has been so copied throughout the World.Click to see photograph Temp out of stock
Optimus 1200-12v Brass 'Collectors lamp' from Optimus, based on the 1200-M this limited edition lamp was produced by Optimus for the Marine and Camping market.
85% of the parts from the original pressure lamp are used, combined with a holder to take a 12Volt bulb. A unique and interesting electric 'pressure' lamp..!
Manaslu A range of classic backpacking stoves in brass with 'roarer' burners. Click to see full specification  
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