Refurbished greenhouse heaters

The heaters below are either in used condition or are new, old stock which have been refurbished with new parts.  All heaters are 'one only' and will be sold as pictured fitted with new wicks.
Please note, these heaters are not for domestic use, they do not conform to domestic heating safety regulations but are ideal for experienced users in greenhouses.
We recommend 'Paraffin extra'  in heaters to extend the life of the wick and keep your plants 'happy'..!

Heater #101
Parasene Superwarm 7 Greenhouse Heater #688 dating which has had little use. The 1" Aladdin Blue Flame burner gives off CO2, ideal for cultivation..!
There is some bubbling to the paint and a little tarnishing from storage but this excellent heater is far superior quality to anything available new today! 
Fitted with a brand new wick, ready to use.

16.00 p/p

Heater #106
Aladdin Aladdinique tank and chimney assembly in good condition. 
Not a true greenhouse heater but an excellent way to get a genuine 'Blue Flame' heater at an economical price. We recommend standing the tank on two tiles or bricks to raise the base from the floor.
Fitted with a new wick and mica window ready to use.
Compare this item with its brass round wick burner and fuel gauge to a new flat wick heater in the garden centres...!
Ideal heater for large greenhouse or workshop, spare wicks available from stock.

12.50 p/p

Heater #102
Used Chalwyn Anti Frost heater with single wick burner, instructions, spare wick and original box. Ideal for a cold frame or anti frost in a shed. 
Ideal for the collector or keen gardner.
Sent fitted with new wick and ready to use

+ 8.00 p/p

Heater #103
Small single burner Parasene heater with little use.
The twin 1" wick burner giving enough heat for a small greenhouse or shed. Spare wicks available at 2.00 per pair.

15.95 + 
12.50 p/p

Heater #106
Used heater with Duplex two wick burner. Ideal for a small greenhouse or shed. Standing 18" tall we recommend standing it on bricks or a support to keep the tank off the floor. There is some light surface corrosion to the galvanised tank.
Sent fitted with new Duplex wicks and ready to use

12.95 + 8.00 p/p

Heater #107
Traditional 'pancake heater with a 5/8" wick burner giving enough heat for a cold frame or anti frost heater for a shed. Fitted with a new wick and ready to use

8.00 p/p


Heater #104
New Parasene cold frame heater fitted with a small flat wick burner.
Ideal as an anti frost heater in small outbuildings or for cold frames.

17.95 + 8.00 p/p

Heater #105
Parasene Superwarm 5 heater hardly used and with box and instructions.
This heater was purchased locally as an emergency during a power cut and used only twice!
Two, twin 1" wick burners giving enough heat for a small greenhouse of around 5 square metres. Spare wicks available at 2.00 per pair.

SOLD + 12.50 p/p

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