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Primus No.1 stove 1935. Tilley Stormlantern 1953

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Japan earthquake: - We were horrified to see the news footage of the Japan earthquake and Tsunami. We have been in contact with our colleagues in Japan  who supply our Manaslu stoves and they are all safe.
The buildings were shaken but undamaged, employees had to sleep over at work because the transport system had failed. Power cuts, transport problems and closed airports mean our latest delivery of Manaslu stoves and spares will be delayed until at least the end of April with the next delivery scheduled for November.
Obviously these dates are fluid and change all the time with conditions in Japan. Customers interested in Manaslu stoves are encouraged to contact us and place forward orders to help us and Japan to allocate production.
The whole range of stoves will now be supplied in a padded zip pouch as the model #96 has been for some time.

New glass products:-
We are working with our glass producer on two new glass items for Tilley products and some glass chimneys for early oil lamps. As these finish development we will post more information.

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