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Lamp Specialists.
Picture, Tilley Guardsman
Primus No.1 stove 1935. Tilley Stormlantern 1953

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Mike 'the stove' out of hospital....!
Postage:- Price increases in postage and shipping costs.
Pressure lamps: -Price increases on Tilley and Coleman.

General News :-
Please note; We are working hard to clear the backlog of orders. Please do not telephone to chase your order unless you sent or telephoned it over 10 days ago. Ten minutes on the telephone looking up an order sent only last week will prevent two more customers from getting their parts on time..!
Our answer phone gets constantly blocked with messages, please browse the Website before calling as you may find your answer there. We receive so many calls asking 'I have looked at your Website, do you sell Tilley or Primus parts?'.....!

Remember to keep spares handy for emergencies, we still have customers who phone an order on a Wednesday because they are going away on Saturday! Order your spares now, don't wait until the last minute and expect the parts by the next day...!
Please check our
opening hours before trying to contact us, the answer phone also gets jammed full of empty messages when callers hang up after calling when we are out of the office.

Postage :-
UK post and international post has increased, latest rates are on our price list. If you are paying by cheque please check postal rates to prevent delays to you order.

Mike 'the stove'..News :-
Mike is out of hospital and recuperating well, he is back in harness and available every afternoon.
He should be fully back in action in time for the 'Light up' at Newark in June. In the mean, time please be patient as answering more technical questions by e-mail or telephone may take a little longer than usual.

Tilley & Coleman:-
We are getting advice of price increases on Tilley and Coleman parts, please check our price lists before re-ordering parts you may have purchased before.

Paraffin Lamp Wicks, Chimneys, Heater Wicks & Heater spares:-
A section devoted to Wicks and heater spares is now available click here!, a new page contains new and used greenhouse heaters, click here to view

Want to know our hours & how to contact us? Click here!

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