Picture, Primus no.1stove,1935 Base Camp the Stove
Lamp Specialists.
Picture, Tilley Guardsman
Primus No.1 stove 1935. Tilley Stormlantern 1953

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New page : - We have introduced new pages for used pressure lamps, stoves, heaters, blowlamps and wick lamps Each item will be as described and will be correct and authentic for period unless this is mentioned in the description. Don't take risks with auction sites, get a real piece of history from us..!
All items have some or all new seals fitted and are tested working. Please note that these items will not conform to modern safety regulations so should be regarded as antiques and treated as such. 
A fault in the telephone exchanged has knocked down all our telephone lines in and out of the business. Calls are being re-routed to a mobile but we do not have Fax, e-mail or card processing at present.
Telecom assure us that the line will be repaired by Tuesday 12th June but we have not been advised at what time this will occur.

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