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Important news for Optimus Nova and Nova plus owners.
Latest news or POD heater delivery

Important News......

Optimus/Katadyn have voluntarily recalled all Nova and Nova Plus stoves, pumps, fuel hoses and spares kits after faults have come to light which may cause fuel leakage in use and thus pose a fire hazard.
Possibly affected stoves have a black windshield and will carry a QA number between 000011 & 007313. Anyone who suspects their stove may be within these numbers should contact Katadyn on a toll free number from the UK of 
0041 80067846870.
You can also contact Katadyn by completing the Recall Form which can be found at http://www.optimusstoves.com/en/service/nova-recall
Optimus stoves purchased before Jan 2009 or stoves with a silver windshield are not affected by this recall.

Click here to open a PDF file explaining which stoves are affected and what action will be taken by Katadyn/Optimus

POD heaters:- Our winter delivery of POD 8ksel heaters is due a little later this year during the first week of November because demand at the factory has been so high. With a cold snap due in mid November and snow on the long range forecast for January and February now is the time to be prepared..!
Pre-orders for POD made now will be honoured at the current price with no increase guaranteed, despite currency or import duty changes when the consignment arrives.

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