Used stoves.

Rather than take a chance with on-line auction sites buy a working stove from us without any risks! The stoves listed here are are tested and supplied with the accessories in the description.
Most of our stoves are ideal for collectors, campers and fishermen looking for a tough, reliable equipment. United Kingdom legislation means that some items are listed as 'Collectors items', this usually means the item was manufactured before current legislation came into force. These items will not conform to current legislation, therefore purchasers are advised to consider these items as 'antiques' and treat them as such.

Stove #500
Unusual used
RM pressure stove from the 1930's. This stove was also marketed by Veritas as thier own stove. Some corrosion on the removable pan supports.
All new seals including the difficult pump n/r valve. Tested and working, an easy to use, a rare vintage stove.

plus UK p/p 13.00

Stove #501
A used Radius #5 complete with original pan ring and a cleaning needle.
Fully serviced by us fitted with a new nipple and all new seals.
A rarer stove than usual, tested and working. 

plus UK p/p 8.95

Stove #502
New old stock Valor 64C boiling stove, some tarnishing through storage but in very good condition. With original box, though box is not in good shape.

plus UK p/p 13.00

Stove #503
A ex-demonstration Primus Etapower MF stove. Complete with all accessories including insulated carry bag, pans, tool, alternative jets, lubricant and fuel bottle.
A few small scratches or chips to the pans from storage but otherwise in very good condition.
Will burn white gasoline, kerosene or LPG in EN threaded cartridges. 
Retail price 164.95

plus UK p/p 11.00


Stove #504
Hybrid ex MoD 111b petrol stove converted to a 111T silent burner multifuel stove.
Complete with spanner and 111C windshield though the spanner clip is missing from the lid.
Serviced, tested and working, including the hard to reach n/r valve. A well made Hybrid stove for the user and enthusiast.

plus UK p/p 12.50

Used Primus #5Sor stove dating from 1939, lightly renovated by the previous owner. 
Tested and working, including the rare windshield and pilot lighter. An ideal stove for the user and enthusiast.

plus UK p/p 12.50



Stove #506
Used Beatrice #33 single boiling stove dating from 1950. In good original condition and fitted with a new wick.
A fine example of a Harper stove, not used for heating 'sad' irons or manufactured in 1901 like all those wrongly listed on auction sites..!
Ideal in the workshop or allotment for preparing hot drinks and snacks.


plus UK p/p 16.00

Stove #507
Primus #210 stove with interesting 'Shakespeare' souvenir metal box. Complete with cleaning needles and spanner. 
Dating from 1955 this stove is serviced, tested and ideal for the collector or user alike. The blue flame is slightly higher to one side of the burner, this appears to be due to the jet hole not being vertical. The stove operates perfectly well however without alteration.

plus UK p/p 8.95

Stove #508
Used WW2 stove with steel tank, unrestored or serviced this stove is offered in 'as found' condition for authenticity.
Probably SHS manufacture and issued around 1944, a good project for the enthusiast or WW2 re-enactment group


plus UK p/p 8.95


Stove #509
Used Hipolito #2 silent burner stove dating from the mid 1960's. Complete and original with 'Hipolito' branded pan ring and flame spreader.
Something a little different than the usual Optimus or Primus stoves. Ideal in the workshop or allotment for preparing hot drinks and snacks.

plus UK p/p 8.95

Stove #510
Early 1960's Optimus 111 Paraffin stove, complete and original condition. Some rust to the underside of the tin but good hinges and solid case. 
Serviced and tested in full working order
A rare and collectable stove to use and enjoy

plus UK p/p 13.00

Stove #511
A Monitor 'Regal' stove dating from the late 1950's. Innovative valve in the fuel tank, paraffin preheater system and paraffin syringe in the filler cap. This was the ultimate in pressure stove design.
Serviced with all new seals, tested and working. 

plus UK p/p 8.95

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