Tilley lamp & heater spares
We are the premier UK supplier of original Tilley spares. We stock all of the paraffin spares still available from Tilley as well as carrying a stock of original 'old stock' parts.
Where parts are totally obsolete we commission new parts made exactly to to the original specification. If we cannot get parts exactly right we will not make them.!
Get all of your Tilley parts from us, one parcel, one shipping cost.

Reference Product description Price Sterling
Used pressure lamps. stoves, etc A constantly changing selection of used pressure lamps, stoves, heaters, blowlamps for sale. If you want a piece of working history without the worries of auction sites look here..!
749.63 'Tilley The Versatile Vapour Lamp', complete history of the Tilley Lamp Company and its products with photos and illustrations, a 'must for enthusiasts! 13.95
X246B/R Tilley Stormlight, red, Out of stock.
X246B/PB Tilley Stormlight, brass Out of stock.
Transfer Transfers for obsolete Tilley products, click here for details!! 1.45
SP1 Service Kit, all washers and springs  11.95
SP2 Service Kit, air tubes & bush for 246b and TL120A, limited stock! 19.95
Old SP2 Threaded air tubes #709 and bushes #2200 for Guardsman, table & wall lamps etc. Will convert modern burner to old style for use in table lamps etc. 16.95
SP3 Service Kit, mixing tube, injector tube and spigot 22.95
SP4 Burner grid, mantle support, insulating tube & nut for R1 and R55, IF54 heaters etc. 16.50
92 Pump guide, aluminum 4.95
118 Hood black 39.95
119 Enameled reflector for X246, X246A & X246B, Temp out of stock.
120 Std. pump leather for most Tilley products 1.50
120 P Premium quality pump leather for most Tilley products  2.85
129 Funnel 9.95
150 Cleaning wire only for 169 vapouriser 4.95
151 Lighting torch, modern clip on style 11.95
Old 151 Premium 
'Butterfly style' lighting torch, in brass & non-rusting stainless steel, used on all Tilley products before 1970 12.95
152 Replacement wicks for lighting torch 151 & 'Old 151' 1.00
153 Vapouriser washer 0.60
154 Type 1 Clamp washer, pump to tank, 'Pork pie' tank models X246, TL106, TL136, SDR 0.99
154 Clamp washer 0.80
Old 155 Washer, fits all brass pumps and brass control cocks 0.50
158 Spirit bottle 4.25
160V Control cock to tank washer, Viton 0.60
164X Standard mantle, for all Tilley Stormlights, Stormlantern,Wall lights, Table lamps 1.95
BC164X Standard Base Camp mantle without Thorium 232, for all Tilley Stormlights, Stormlantern,Wall lights, Table lamps 1.85

'164 bulk'

Bulk pack, 5 Base Camp 'X' mantles without Thorium for all Tilley Stormlights, Stormlantern, Wall lights, Table lamps . 8.45

'164 contract'

Contract pack, 10 Base Camp 'X' mantles without Thorium for all Tilley Stormlights, Stormlantern, Wall lights, Table lamps . 15.95
164Pro Made to our own specification without Thorium, these mantles are a tighter weave than the normal 164X so give a brighter light with no 'flaring' outside the mantle. Loose tied for the expert user they perform well on inaccurate machined spigots or older lamps. 1.85
164X-500 500cp mantle for original X246/500 Stormlight. Not standard mantle, will not work on 300cp X246 Stormlight 2.20
165 Insulation tube, 37mm, R1/R55 Radiator 8.00
167 Mantle Nut to hold mantle and ceramic tube on to spigot R1/R55 Radiator 2.25
169 Vaporiser complete with #150 cleaning wire Out of stock. 30.50
171 Standard globe for 246 Stormlights and lanterns,  31.95
182 Post 1940 Type Replica Onion Globe, for table lamps, wall lamps, KL80,  18.95
182 Pre 1940 Type Base Camp exclusive..! Teardrop Globe, for table lamps, wall lamps, KL80, PL53 Storm lantern, Pre War shape rather than the later Onion shape, Click to see picture 15.95
188 Wire globe carrier, AL8, AL9, OL50, Challow, these are original 'new stock', some surface rust. 3.50
190 Mantle for AL11, AL12, AL21, not std. 300cp mantle, 2.50
191 Mantle for AL15, AL16, FL6, not std. 300cp mantle 3.25
211A Burner mixing tube with deflector Disc for IL33 & Hospital Lamp. 5.95
211B Burner mixing tube for X246b Stormlight 2.95
212 Burner injector, long type, for X246 Guardsman, PL53, Wall lamps, table lamps 1.95
212B Burner injector for X246b Stormlight 1.95
213 Air button, PL53, AL8/9, SL61, OL50, Challow, original 'new' stock, some surface tarnishing, Limited stocks! 4.95
215 Retaining screw for glass globe, AL620 and Conversion hood 2.50
216 Gallery pin, sleeve and nut, pack of three, Post War galleries Now Back in Stock! 16.95
'Old 216' Gallery pin and nut, pack of three, Pre War galleries Now Back in Stock! 13.95
217 Gallery spring, table lamps, pack of three. 3.20
218 Burner complete, X246b 39.95
227 Reproduction gallery for table lamps, wall lamps. Click to see picture 40.00
234 Gland packing 0.35
Old 234 Gland packing, per pair 0.40
239 'Hendon' Brass pump complete, Limited stocks! 20.00
284 Frosted glass for IL47, KL80, never standard but will fit table lamps and wall lamps, 35.95
Base Camp exclusive..!
Shaped glass for OL51, OL54, OL55 outdoor suspension lamp Limited stocks! 26.95
313 Air silencer for burner, IL34,OL51/53/55 4.95
317 Burner complete with new mixing dome & silencers, IL34,OL51/53/55 35.00
312 500cp mantle for IL34,OL51/53/55 2.50
313 Air silencer for burner, IL34,OL51/53/55 4.95
337 Cock locating bush, for brass tap unit #2563 8.95
442 Pump rod and handle for R55, Limited stocks! 14.95
497 Service washer set for FL6, includes pump leather 7.25
'Old 498' Service washer set for Guardsman, X246A, table lamps, wall lamps & heaters, includes Premium pump leather.  6.40
'Old 498/IL'
Base Camp exclusive..!
Service washer set for IL33, IL47, OL50, OL51, OL54, OL55.    6.40
'Old 498/WL'
Base Camp exclusive..!
Service washer set for WL25, SL61 & Hospital Lamp    7.40
498 Service washer set for X246B, includes pump leather. To service all other lanterns use 'old 498' above.  6.95
498 Premium Service washer set for X246B, includes our Premium pump leather. To service all other lanterns use 'old 498' above.  7.95
501 Pump leather, FL6 floodlight 5.30
502 Clamp washer, pump to tank, FL6 floodlight 1.50
555 Control cock filter cup, alloy 3.25
555B Control cock filter cup, brass 4.00
584 Swan neck arm & nut, tank to control cock, WL25, SL61 8.95
585 Lead packing, swan neck arm to tank, WL25, SL61 and feed pipe to tank joint on OL & IL Do-nut lamps. 2.00
604 type Toughened Bullfinch glass to fit AL21 14.95
606 Vapouriser complete with #607 wire Temp out of stock. 27.95
B/C T V 2022
Base Camp exclusive..!
Vapouriser complete with cleaning wire, introductory special offer  Storage box for spare vapouriser and two free B/C 164 mantles with each vapouriser. Available NOW! 41.95
606/500 Vapouriser for X246/500 Stormlight complete with #607 wire, will not fit standard 300cp Stormlight Temp out of stock. 27.95
607 Cleaning wire only for 606 vapouriser  Temp out of stock. 4.95
610 Spring for pump valve and control cock 0.30
611 Valve complete with 155 washer, fits all pumps except newer 2557 alloy and all control cocks except 777 alloy 2.95
612 Pump valve guide, fits all older brass pumps 1.50
618 Brass round head screws and nuts to fit reflector into FL6 casing, set 6. 3/8" long, can be cut down flush when fitting if needed. 3.75
707 Burner Spigot, (Mantle support),  4.50
766/10 Set of ten glass retaining clips and screws for late model FL6. Single clip and screw 2.00 each 9.95
766/10S Set of ten screws only for glass retaining clips, late model FL6 1.00
777 Control cock X246b 25.95
UT 777 Best used Control cock for Tilley X246b 9.95
1126 Reproduction wire radiator mantle for all heaters,  12.95
1473 Pump knob, alloy 3.85
1588 Knob, Stormlight 246A/246B,  2.40
1608 Foot for WL25, SL61, 'Hospital lamp', Limited stocks! 2.95
1700 Handle & hangar for 'Hospital lamp', Limited stocks! 9.95
1857 Insect shield, Stormlight 14.95
2200 Gallery bush all lamps using 2564 and old style 218 burner. 2.25
2085 Mantles to fit Tilley GL602 Multi purpose lamp and GL604 2.25
2557 Aluminium pump, complete for Tilley X246b 31.95
UT 2557 Best used Aluminium pump, complete for Tilley X246b 12.95
2561 Pump plunger, complete 14.95
2568 Vapouriser & tap unit for Iron DN250, Limited stocks! 20.00
2569 Pump, complete for Iron DN250, Limited stocks! 18.00
3112 Reproduction 'Leaf' heat deflector for pre War KL80 & IL47 hanging lamps.  Temp out of stock.
3112D Reproduction Heat deflector for post War KL80 & IL47 hanging lamps.  Temp out of stock.
3287 Nut for frame, X246b 3.50
3942 Handle for X246b 11.25
4559 Silencer gauze, to fit 218 burner into TL120A gallery, set of three 3.20
4742 Brass split pin for #218 burner 0.99
8407 Wick for Conomatic, 'blue flame' heater, Limited stocks! 4.50
We are constantly breaking used lamps for spare parts, 
for good, used spares check the current list here!
Last updated on 04/08/22

Click here to find out How does a Tilley lamp work?
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