Magnalux Spares also
#950 & #975 500cp Anchor, ~909 350cp Anchor

Reference Product description Price Sterling
GL1A Chinese glass chimney, clear, for Anchor 350cp. We have a small quantity of these original chimneys. The Chinese quality is poor and the chimneys will break easily, be warned..! 5.50
GL1 Glass chimney, frosted, for 500cp lanterns Temp. Out of Stock
GLIV Glass chimney, clear, this chimney is for the 500cp lanterns, it will fit the 350cp if the frame ring is filed slightly at the top because the glass is thicker, better quality. Temp. Out of Stock
ANCH3/350 Ceramic holder for mantle, Anchor 350cp 4.50
HL3 Ceramic holder for mantle, Anchor 500cp 4.50
4Solar 200cp Mantle for Solar Pressure Lamps 1.00
4 500cp Mantle Thorium  1.35
3777 500cp Mantle non Thorium  1.65
HL5 Pressure gauge, Magnalux 13.95
HL5A Pressure gauge, Anchor 13.95
HL5CS Pressure release screw 1.45
BL6 Pump rod assembly, Butterfly 8.50
HL10 Pump valve 4.50
HL11 Rubber washer for pressure gauge 0.95
HL33 Mixing tube, 500cp 7.50
HL34 Mixing chamber, 500cp 6.85
HL35 Spirit cup 2.50
HL46 Leather pump washer 1.35
ANCH50/350 Nipple, Anchor 350cp 1.75
HLD50 Nipple, 500cp 1.75
HL65 Plastic funnel 2.25
HL67 Plastic spirit bottle 2.25
HL68 Cleaning needle 1.95
HL90 Lead Packing 0.95
HL104D Conducting rod 6.00
HL114 Control tap centre, complete  10.95
HL117 Top burner  18.75
HL119 Needle key 1.00
HL123B Plated outer hood, Butterfly brand 21.95
ANCH152/350 Vapouriser, upper part, Anchor 350cp 17.95
HL152 Vapouriser, upper part, 500cp  17.95
HL189C Vapouriser, lower part  14.95
193 Lower  vapouriser valve washer, use Petromax 1.10
HL226 Pre heater complete, 11.95
HL228/9 Nipple & screw 1.80
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Last updated on 31/07/20

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