New oil lamps.
Our range of best quality oil lamps is ideal for cottages, boats, standby lighting or just practical decoration..!
Each lamp is beautifully made in brass and comes complete with wick, ready to use. We also stock spare wicks, glass chimneys and burners to keep your purchase in working order for years to come. No other supplier can match our spares service!

If you prefer original 'old' and 'vintage' Duplex burner lamps click here..!

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#Q602 Candle wall lamp badged GWR, Out of stock
These stylised lamps are of reasonable quality and are often found in 'antique dealers' or on the Internet for high prices.! Never used by the GWR, White Star Line or Wells Fargo these lamps are modern manufacture from India and the Far East
The glass quality is, however, very poor so we fit these with our best quality, heatproof candle glass chimney. This lamp is therefore not available anywhere else to this specification.
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#LM1  Lampe Marine. £26.50
A high quality round wick burner fitted to a brass tank. Ideal as a replacement burner for railway lamps and marine lamps. 
Overall height 3 3/8", tank diameter 3

#LM1/A Can be fitted with a Pigeon gallery and Pixie chimney to form a attractive, high quality night light. 32.50

#01A Lampe Olympique. £49.95
A simple and attractive table or wall lamp!
The classic 'non-explosif' French lamp used for over 100 years in homes and by Vintners, (winemakers), to check the wine in the cellars.
The 2 line, round wick brass burner gives simple light, burn time approx. 10 hours/fill. Traditionally the lamp runs on lighter fuel or 'white gas' from camping shops. However clean low sulphur paraffin can be used.
Overall height 9 1/4", total width 4 1/4" including handle

#08A Table lamp. £ 79.95,
A simple table lamp to grace any home!
The coloured glass fount is attached to a weighted brass foot. Available in:-
Cognac fount, (pictured) 
Leaf green fount
Available with a 14 line Brass Kosmos burner or 15 line brass burner with flame spreader.
Gives a good light, burn time approx. 16 hours/fill.
Overall height 20
", total width 5 3/4"

Also available with an opal white or green shade, 7" in diameter, on a brass carrier. The opal shade is pictured on the #8816 table lamp below.
#08A/ Table lamp, carrier & opal shade. £ 99.95
#08A/ Table lamp, carrier & green shade. £112.95

#8877 Pantry lamp. £ 64.95,
As the name suggests this lamp would have originally been used in the pantry, (food cupboard), of large houses.
The black enamelled bracket is fixed to the wall and carries the polished brass reflector. The lamp can be unclipped from the bracket and used as a small table lamp or carried to darker corners of the room, (or pantry..!).
Lacquered brass fount with 14 line Kosmos burner, burn time approx. 20 hours/fill.
Overall height 10
1/4", total width 5 5/8"

#8807 Wall lamp. 64.95
The perfect wall lamp for confined spaces.
The polished brass reflector and tank are integral, though the whole lamp can be easily unclipped from the wall for filling.
Lacquered brass fount with 14 line Kosmos burner, burn time approx. 40 hours/fill.
Overall height 10
5/8", total width 5 3/8"

#8816 Table lamp. £ 105.95
A lamp to grace any table or shelf, this lamp can also be wall mounted with the optional wall bracket #8025 at an extra 39.95. We would also recommend a smoke bell if the ceiling is low
The 7
1/2" opal glass shade gives light without glare
Lacquered brass fount with 14 line Kosmos burner, burn time approx. 60 hours/fill.
Overall height 16
1/2", fount diameter 4 3/8", total width 8 5/8"

#8917 Gimbal lamp. £99.95, 
The classical cabin lamp with gimbal and smoke bell, perfect for use on a boat or even in the home.
The lamp can be removed from the brass gimbal and used as a small table lamp or carried to darker corners of the room.
Lacquered brass fount with 1" flat wick burner, burn time approx. 25 hours/fill.
Recommended overall height to top of smoke bell bracket 13
1/2", total width of gimbal 3", overall height of lamp 10 1/4"

#8803 Cargo lantern. 112.95
Originally a hanging lantern for the cargo hold in ships.
The fount and glass chimney are enclosed in a brass case with protection wires across the glass windows. Access to the lamp is by a bayonet fitting in the bottom of the case.
Lacquered brass fount with 10 line Kosmos burner, burn time approx. 25 hours/fill.
Overall height 16
", total width 7"

#P400032 Aladdin table lamp. £169.95
#P400021Table lamp without shade £140.95
#P441006 Aladdin hanging lamp in tubular frame, with shade £279.95
The classic Aladdin incandescent mantle lamp with a heritage back to the early 1900's.
Brass burner and fount with heatproof glass chimney. Approx 80cp of totally silent light from the exclusive 'Loxon' mantle & tubular, side draught wick. Burn time approx. 5 hours/fill.

#8201 Trawler lamp. £182.95
Originally designed as a hanging lantern for the wheelhouse on fishing trawlers. The fount and glass chimney are in a brass frame with the reflector painted white inside.
Lacquered brass fount with the best 20 line 'Ideal' burner, burn time approx. 30 hours/fill.
Overall height 20
", total width 12"

#05/A/ABJ Cottage lamp. £289.95 
Exclusive to Base Camp this lamp is a traditional style lamp hung over the dining table in a cottage kitchen.
The fount, glass chimney and opal glass shade are in a brass frame with heat deflector.
The 15 line brass burner with flame spreader gives good light, burn time approx. 16 hours/fill.
Overall height 28
", total width 15"


612 Replacement 1'' flat wick. £1.15
5002 Replacement Kosmos 6 line flat wick. £1.80
619 Replacement Kosmos 8 line flat wick. £2.00
622 Replacement Kosmos 10 line flat wick. £2.40
627 Replacement Kosmos 14 line & Odin 15 line flat wick. £3.00
201 Replacement 20 line flat wick, Ideal burner. £4.15


Replacement chimneys for our lamps,
#260 Matador 15 line or #14260 Kosmos 14 line, fits 08A Table lamp dependant on burner
#2210 Matador 20 line, fits 8201 Trawler lamp
#260 Matador 15 line, fits 05AABJ Cottage lamp
#10170 Kosmos 10 line, fits 8803 Cargo lamp
#14170 Kosmos 14 line, fits 8877 Pantry lamp
#14210 Kosmos 14 line, fits 8807 Wall lamp, old 7878 Galley lamp, 8816 Table lamp
#140 Hinge chimney, Gimbal lamp #8917
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