Paraffin, (Kerosene) wicks for lamps, stoves and Heaters

The Base Camp has one of the largest range of wicks for Far Eastern paraffin, (kerosene), heaters, please call if you are unsure which wick will fit your heater, we are here to help! 01733 234333
Scroll down to find wicks for Kerosun, Zibro Kamin, Tosai, Toyoset, Toyotomi, Qlima & Corona

Last updated 11/10/23


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Kerosun, Zibro, Toyokuni, Corona, Qlima Etc.

 Pictures of these wicks are for illustration only, the wick supplied may differ in colour or brand due to alternative supply during the season.
These wicks are complex and manufacturers change models slightly almost every year. If you are unsure just call us or e-mail, we have the largest selection in the UK.!


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(AW4C) Omni 15, Moonlighter & similar Toyoset heaters


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Wick no pins, Toyoset heaters, 106mm wide


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Zibro Kamin RCA66/68 Wick with pins, Radiant 26 & similar Toyoset heaters, 106mm wide


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(AW14) Radiant RCA36 & similar Toyoset heaters, 140mm wide.


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(AW13) Kerosun Omni 85 & similar Toyoset heaters, Scott Rolf, Radiant RCA40, Zibro 111C, 135mm wide. Special Price.!


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RCA 200, Zibro Kamin R55/125/135/ R224TC/ R224C heaters, 105mm wide


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Toyoset RCA100, Zibro Kamin RCA100E, R140C & E, similar heaters, 140mm wide


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Zibro Kamin R45, 398 & similar heaters, 110 wide


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Toyoset RCA33, RCA37, Zibro Kamin 86/RS145 & similar heaters, 135mm wide



Qlima Type N, R122C, R134C & Tectro R233TC, 135mm wide


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 Rolf 2230 & similar heaters, 185mm wide



Baya/Toyokuni R190, DSK233, S65, Kero 241/250 & similar heaters, 110mm wide


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Toyokuni Vario Turbo, DSK27NF, DSK11RW, Toyokuni Rolf, 123mm wide, Special Price.!


Petrowick 100

Ruby KSP127, KSP240 & KSP270, 135mm wide


Petrowick 300

Tayosan 240/260/360, Kero 360A, 109mm wide


Petrowick 2000

Corona RX23/27, RX270, Ruby 25, Ruby First, 105mm wide



Butterfly cookstove 2688, Toyoset Model G cookstove, 170mm wide



Aladdin TR-4000, TR4020Corona 12-DK, SL-5 and similar, 120mm wide



KSP229 Workshop heater, Toyokuni DSK30, DSK80 and similar, 154mm wide


 Ignitor head

Type A, fitting pins point opposite direction to the element. Most Corona heaters and others


 Ignitor head

Type B, fitting pins point in the same direction to the element. Ruby heaters and others


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