Stove exploded views

The Swedish stoves were the first on the market. Primus, Optimus, Radius & Svea were market leaders and many other manufacturers capitalized on this by copying the 'Swedish pattern'.
This means many parts will cross over between brands, but not parts, nor all brands..!
We have extensive cross reference lists so check with us if you are unsure.


Check here for Optimus 8 & 8R also some parts for Primus #71 Optimus 8r Hunter
  Many, but not all, 1 pint stoves are this pattern. Check here if you have a Burmos 21, Primus 210, Radius 21, Svea 121, many parts will fit. Optimus 00 Camper
  Many, but not all, 2 pint stoves are this pattern. Check here if you have a Monitor, Burmos, Parasene, Primus 1 or 5, Radius 1 or 5, Svea 1 or 5, many parts will fit. Optimus #1 & #5
    Optimus #45 &#48
  Also Primus 96, Radius 20, Monitor 17b Optimus 96 Mini Camper
    Optimus 111 Hiker
    Optimus 111c Hiker
    Optimus 11 Explorer
  Also Svea 123 & 123R Optimus 123R Climber
  Burner parts for Taylors, Shipmate, Mariner, Turm, Patria etc. Optimus 55/155
  Marine stove paraffin, (kerosene), burner exploded view 207b burner
OPTIMUS LANTERNS Optimus #930 old type #930
  Optimus 1200 #1200M & G
COLEMAN STOVES 424 Two burner stove 424 expl
  442 Feather 442 expl
  533 Unleaded 533 expl
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