The Base Camp
The Stove, Heater & Lamp Specialists.
established 1986
Over 38 years of service to our customers.

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Picture, Primus 1935

Picture, Tilley Guardsman

Primus No.1 stove 1935.

Tilley Guardsman  Stormlantern.

Vapalux M300X

#8816 oil table lamp 2009.

Base Camp Hurricane lamp 2021. Base Camp Large Hurricane lamp 2021.

15 Line Odin Burner 2017.

#KAPOP23 Shade 2017.

Oil lamp chimneys

The Base Camp is a specialist equipment retailer now based in Peterborough, Eastern England and we have been trading since 1986.
We are the UK main stockists of spares for Aladdin, Tilley, Coleman, Bialaddin, Vapalux, Magnalux, Anchor, Petromax, Hipolito & Optimus paraffin, (Kerosene), lanterns. All available Optimus, Primus, Trangia, Svea, Monitor, Burmos, Parasene, Coleman and Radius stove spares are also kept in stock.

We are the largest UK stockist of wicks for Aladdin, Valor, Rippingilles, Eltex, Parasene, Beatrice, POD, Corona, Toyokuni, Kerosun, Zibro Kamin, Toyoset, Ruby and other domestic heaters plus replacement glass chimneys, wicks and burners for traditional oil lamps such as Veritas, Hinks, Messenger, Sherwoods, Defries, Famos, Thermidor & Lampe Belge.
We carry the largest UK range of replacement burners, shade holders and accessories for paraffin lamps. Some are 'antique finish' to blend in with patinated lamps, the range includes Kosmos, Odin, Ideal and Pigeon types.

When available we stock new Paraffin, (Kerosene), wick lamps from Aladdin, DHR, Gaudard, Tilley, Vapalux and Petromax pressure lamps, stoves from Manaslu, Optimus, Primus and Trangia
We are also the main UK stockist for all sizes of 'hard' gas mantles under the Veritas or Auerlicht brands.

If we wouldn't use it you will not find it our anywhere on our site! It's our guarantee of quality.

Our Obsolete Parts Register keeps details of enthusiasts and collectors requests which we match up with obsolete parts during our International searches for caches of lantern and stove spares. If you have or know of similar stores of parts near you let us know, we have enthusiasts waiting!

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Call us now for spares for all models of paraffin heaters & lamps, also pressure lamps/stoves. Mon - Fri 01733 234333

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