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Primus No.1 stove 1935. Tilley Stormlantern 1953

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Updates:- 30/06/09
Limited edition Vapalux lantern for collectors
Tilley, price increases
Stove spares:- later, revised date for 207b burners, Optimus price increases, windshield for 00 and 111

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General News :-
We are catching up on the backlog of orders but delivery time is around
10 working days at present. It will be a little while before we can get back to our usual three days turnaround. 
We are working hard to clear the backlog of orders. Please do not telephone to chase your order unless you sent or telephoned it over 14 days ago. Ten minutes on the telephone looking up an order sent only last week will prevent two more customers from getting their parts on time..!
Our answer phone gets constantly blocked with messages, please browse the Website before calling as you may find your answer there. We receive so many calls asking 'I have looked at your Website, do you sell Tilley or Primus parts?'.....!

Remember to keep spares handy for emergencies, we still have customers who phone an order on a Wednesday when they are going away on a Saturday...! Order your spares now, don't wait until the last minute and expect the parts by the next day...!
Please check our
opening hours before trying to contact us, the answer phone also gets jammed full of empty messages when callers hang up after calling when we are out of the office.

We are continuing to work on our 'Shopping Cart' site which will make the whole process of ordering easier but is an enormous task with our thousands of parts. Please bear with us until the new site is completed, tested and running. If you are overseas we can give further advice on ordering, please e-mail and we will help.

'Discovering Oil Lamps' by the late Cecil Meadows is a great introduction to 'lampin' and a gem of reference for wick lamp enthusiasts, see Books link.

New Lamps for sale:-
The Firefly combination candle or wick oil lamp for camping and hiking has been discontinued. We have a few remaining in black at 12.95.

There have been a number of price increases on Tilley products. Prices of raw materials, especially brass have rocketed, watch our price list for details.
New in stock, #972 Heat deflecting dome for IL47 indoor 'donut' lamp, every lamp appears to missing this part so check yours now.! Fits o top of the gallery to direct the heat upwards away from the tank. While stocks last 15.00.
Just arrived are a few original plated brass hoods for the PL53. These are brand new, original 1940's parts but have hairline cracks either from production or aging in the brass. Available at one per customer at 19.00 each they will not be available for long..!
We have a limited production run of brass #219 hood as fitted to some PL53 Lanterns and SL61 Wall lamps. When production is finished there will not be more hoods for the time being. If you are interested in one of these hoods
order now to avoid disappointment! Click here for picture

Recently the quality of the #120 pump leather has fallen drastically, we have therefore produced our own 'premium' cup leather to fit Tilley products. A little more expensive but superior part for your treasured lamp..!

We now have the transfers for obsolete Tilley products, to see the range click here,
Lamp Transfers
Also in stock, a quantity of wicks for the Tilley 'Conomatic' blue flame heater.

Available soon........Limited edition 'Collectors' Vapalux Lantern, in the style of the lamp produced on the 1970's this lamp will has a chromed brass tank and fittings with black hood. A must for collectors and Vapalux enthusiasts, don't miss out on this offer...!
Available late August on a first come- first served basis we are taking orders for this lamp now. Complete with accessories we will send post free in the UK, (overseas cost on application). Click for details

Rises in the price of brass and production costs have resulted in large increases on Vapalux & Bialaddin parts. Still manufactured in the UK to the highest standard these lamps and spares are still the best available.

We do not major in Coleman lamps & stoves but we have a large range of Coleman stove and lamp spares.
The link to the full list can be found on our FrontPage.

Magnalux lanterns have been discontinued, we will continue to support the spares so there are no worries for existing owners.
The Petromax name and rights have been sold to new owners. The distribution system in place for the past forty years has collapsed so lamps and spares will be in short supply for the time being.
Primus pressure lamps:-
All Primus pressure lanterns were discontinued in 1962 and spares are hard to find. We have sourced some glass for the 1020, 1080 lantern and #6175 double ended mantles for the 1001,1014, 1015 lanterns. See the 'Mantles, glass & chimneys' page for details.

Paraffin Lamp Wicks, Chimneys, Heater Wicks & Heater spares:-
New in stock is a reproduction of the flat topped FAMOS flame spreader for all the 120cp lamps. Stocks are limited on a first come basis at 11.95 each.
Wick stocks continue to grow, we now have wicks to cover popular Kerosun, Toyokuni and Toyoset imported heaters.
Rippingilles, Harper Beatrice wicks and some tubular oil lamp wicks are also in stock, ask if you are not sure. Our range of solid round wicks suit small decorative oil burners up to large restaurant food warmers..!
In addition to wicks we have some burner parts for Rippingilles Fyrside heaters
A section devoted to Wicks and heater spares is now available
click here!

We have good stocks of most styles of our best quality oil lamps from Europe. However the falling pound and price increases in brass mean prices are fluctuating greatly. We have three new styles of lamp, a classic 'Pigeon' style lamp, one table model and one wall model. The wall model is based on the Swedish railway wall lamp from 1916 and is still made by the same company today.
Suitable for boats, cottages or the home,
click here to see the whole range

Other new stock includes the 30''' chimney, 3" x 12 3/4" for Lampe Veritas and Belge. Another welcome chimney is the 2" x 10" Bulge slip which was out of stock for over two years..!
We now have good stocks of most Kosmos Chimneys, Matador chimneys plus the small Gem and Pixie glass. However other bulge slip and Duplex chimneys are still in short supply and deliveries will continue to be erratic in the foreseeable future.

We have good stocks model 23 lamp parts and Kone Kap mantles.

Stove News :-
The T85 Nova Plus is a development of the popular T80 Nova stove. Now with wider, more stable legs/pan supports and 'Powerline' fuel delivery the stove has accurate simmering control. Click here for details
Due back in stock soon is the T88, a development of the classic 111 series of stoves. Now based around a Nova technology burner the stove is lighter and more controllable. We stock only the very latest version of this stove, make sure you are not offered the old type..!

Stove Spares:-
First some good news..! As we source more parts and our purchasing power grows we are reducing prices on stove spares. With raw material prices increasing this might show as a price drop or simply no increase. Every day we are looking for more parts for your stoves and lamps, watch these pages..!
We are commissioning a batch of 207b adjustable burners as fitted to the Optimus #7 or 5R and marine stoves such as Optimus, Tayors, Shipmate, Mariner & Patria. Production is now scheduled for September and the burner are likely to be in great demand. We are currently taking orders for burners to be delivered in August.
We have plenty of spare parts left in stock to service the burners.

Back in stock after a long break is the #2101 Brass Windshield for 111 & 111b stoves priced 12.95. We also have good stocks of #2104 Windshield for the 00 and 45 stoves priced at 11.75.

Sigg, Trangia, etc.

We have good stocks of the excellent Trangia and Trangia Multifuel stove.
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