Veritas Pressure
Lamp Spares
Veritas 350A, angled pump Veritas 350A, horizontal pump Veritas Superb 350cp
Reference Product description Price Sterling
VV1 Service washer kit, model 350 & Superb 15.90
VV2/6 Fuel valve seating washer, prev. fibre, substitute lead. 1.30
VV2/15 Fuel valve gland packing. 4.25
VV2/23 Packing for cleaning needle control spindle, 2 x '0' ring. 2.95
VV31/2 Packing for vapouriser, Superb 0.85
VV46 Clear glass, Veritas 350 only 29.95
VV67 Substitute nipple, Superb only Out of stock
VV69/F Pump leather, all models 2.50
VV69/5 Pump split pin, not Superb 0.85
VV71 Filler cap seal, all models 1.40
VV82/1 Pump valve internal packing 2.45
VV82/2 Pump valve spring 1.95
VV83 Pump valve lead packing 2.10
3890 350cp Mantle all models 1.95
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Last updated on 07/02/24

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