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10-3350 Dry pan or Optimus Mini Oven, click for picture 39.95
20-2810 Plastic Spirit Bottle with brass extending spout & screw cap, ideal for small stoves and pressure lanterns. 9.95

V90 SA-VU, non-spill steel funnel for lanterns. MOD issue with Vapalux & Bialaddin lanterns 11.50
8515 Optimus grease, 10g tube of leather grease & conditioner for pump leathers 3.50
730710 Primus 'Glidepaste', 10g tube of leather grease & conditioner for pump leathers 3.45
KA110 Folding aluminium windshield to suit all stoves. 260gms, 10" x 4" closed, 10" x 19" open 12.95
721720 Windshield/heat deflector for Primus 3278 Varifuel, 3288 Multifuel, 3289 Omnifuel 13.95
2150 Zipped carry pouch for Manaslu #96 15.75
2135 Zipped carry pouch for Manaslu #121 17.95
2136 Zipped carry pouch for Manaslu #126 19.95
2063 Regulating key/tool for Optimus #8, Svea #123 and Radius #42 stove
Adjusts flame, long length to protect fingers, nipple spanner ans stuffing box spanner incorporated into handle.
2562 Original Optimus straight key for jet, Large silent burner stoves 6.00
2563 Original Optimus universal jointed key for jet, #3 stove 17.60
8410 Original Optimus Nova Multitool 5.85
8415 Original Optimus Nova Magic Multitool 10.00
5164 Pump key 18.50
731860 Multitool for Primus Omnifuel, Himalaya Multifuel, Varifuel 10.95
The 'Ideal Stove Pricker', spares  We have limited stocks, one per customer, paper packets of spare needles, 2.00 each. 2.00
Jet Key 'R' Roarer burner jointed jet removal tool, 2 pint stoves including Optimus, Primus, Radius, Svea, Parasene, Burmos Monitor etc. 2.50
Jet Key 'S' Silent burner jet removal tool, all large stoves except #5R and marine 3.00
447252 Steel Spanner for connection nut, 55/155 stove Temp out of stock
447253 Cranked steel Spanner for burner nut, 55/155 stove Temp out of stock
961081 Professional nipple key, 55/155 stove Temp out of stock
Leather strap 21" x 5/8" black leather strap with prong and roller buckle, to fit Primus, Optimus and other small stove tins particularly if hinges are broken. click here for picture 4.00

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